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Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association

Box 163179, Sacramento, 95816

Welcome! A Historic, Family-Friendly Neighborhood!

Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association, formed thirty years ago, is a unique and cohesive neighborhood.  It is an area that strives for the preservation of old values and traditions but also values individuality and new ideas. Perhaps more than any other area of the city, the area understands the need for balance between each individual part of the city as well as its contribution to the creation of the city as a whole. The area is a community in itself, created by the sense of neighborhood, by the ready availability of businesses, by one of a kind stores rather than franchise chains, by a minimal dependence on the automobile, and by a diverse mix of interesting people from all backgrounds. Given these things, rehabilitation, preservation, and enhancement of Boulevard Park is in the city’s best interest as well as in the interest of the neighborhood’s residents.

Goals and Values

Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association: Values and Shared Goals

Neighborhoods are most often characterized by their physical attributes; neighborhood assoc. usually by the personality of the members. These types of descriptions are inaccurate. Neighborhoods and neighborhood associations should be defined by the values and shared goals of its residents and members. It is about the aggregate of what shapes our convictions: hard work, responsibility, helping neighbors, ensuring safe and clean blocks for all residents, and preserving this historic housing stock in the context of a society that has changed significantly in the last thirty years. It is a realization that there is nothing particularly brave about cynicism and that prizes are not awarded for complacency. It is a choice between the safety of the status quo and the scarier and riskier engagement in the investment of our neighborhood and community.